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Books and media Blitzes

What an amazing time I had in ….. Australia! Carsten Tschach was the only one who guessed correctly. But, I wonder if he had the inside scoop. 😉 ha.

The book I’m in is now available to purchase! I still have no idea what images they chose. Normally I’m sent a PDF for approval, but I know it took quite a long time for the book to be released so I assume they went through some hoops at some point so I’m not too worried. It’s out and I’m anxiously awaiting my copy. I’m sure it looks great.

I was also spotted in the Cairns Post on October 10 with one of my great friends Candace Nirvana! A lot of things were spoken about fine art nudes, and I realized it was just going to be a little fluff piece, but it still put a great smile on my face! I said A LOT more about timelessness and the appropriateness of what we do, but they wanted something fun to say about Mission Beach. You give and take in these situations. The kicker was when Stephanie Anne and I went to Paranella Park and a park employee recognized me after being curious about why we were staying in certain locations longer than the average park attendee. They have a nice little restaurant at the park – the chicken and vegetable pie is highly recommended. We sat down to coffee and chicken pie and the park employee walked up to us and asked if this was me. I giggled and said yes, then he asked for my autograph. What a riot! The park has pictures and autographs on the walls as you go in… so if you ever go to the park let me know if I’m hanging there! Cameron Attree graced the article with his photographs. If only we/he could have shown what we wanted to… in a perfect world.

cairns post piece

The Australians are amazing! I’ve cried each time I’ve had to leave this beautiful country, and this time was no exception. Maybe I need a winter home there. Or maybe it was just as great as it was because I was surrounded with some really good friends… You really don’t think that an online world could ever amount to anything lasting, but after doing these for 8 years and seeing those you communicate with online on a daily basis brought together over a common love, everyone is happy, helpful, and they all end up being extended family after a time.  And that’s just how I feel about all these beautiful people… Sisters, brothers. Good stuff. I love them all.

You can read more about our Australia trip here: 



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  1. ida mae October 24, 2009 at 9:07 am #

    love the images
    love you!

    • Zoe October 25, 2009 at 2:08 am #

      Thank you for the comment, Ida Mae! Love your way!

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