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It’s been so long! How are you? I’ve been in Australia at my yearly artist retreat. While I was away I got word that my work had been featured by the Duncan Miller Gallery in their newly formed website set to promote the work of contemporary, vintage and other well known images made by photographers. I was pleased to see the photo I made with Jazmine Dominique hanging out with Muhammad Ali. I think she looks just as strong. Kind of interesting seeing those images next to each other. Feminine and Masculine power. Nicely chosen, curators… nicely chosen. Their new site is called Your Daily Photograph and the images they’re sending out are superb. Masters and contemporary, emerging and vintage. You can subscribe to their site and get images delivered to your inbox daily.

Do so before my next image gets sent out! Which will be soon they tell me. I’ll post again when it’s up so you can see. Please click the image to be taken to the feature on their website where you can see the other images chosen.

Until then…





My protest image published twice

Back when Darrel Issa was holding meetings about birth control pills in congressional hearings looking at a long “witness” table full of Catholic Priests who were there to complain that Catholic businesses would have to include birth control coverage in their insurance policies for their employees, and Sandra Fluke became a punching bag for the right wing loons, I started getting really pissed off about people treating my body and other women’s bodies as if they were objects to be controlled by the government and by religious ideologies. So I had Carlotta Champagne and Titania Lynn come over to make some images. I was just GRRRRR angry. I still am.

Titania has this amazing writing technique (she’s quite full of artistic talent herself) so she wrote the placards for the images. We did quite a few images but one shot stood out and resonated to lots of people, men and women, on the internet. It went everywhere. I saw that some people had photoshopped out my english text and replaced it with Spanish, French, German and even Arabic.

My Ovaries Are Not Church Property in Arabic
My Ovaries Are Not Church Property in Arabic



I saw it first in Arabic when Buchet&Chastel publishers emailed me asking if I would be keen to publish the image in a book on the Tunisian uprisings. So I searched for it in Arabic and found that it had been shared during the chaos of the revolutions by hundreds of thousands of women online. It made me happy and hopeful for them. So, this was published in the book Insurrections Arabes by Smaïn Laacher.


Insurrections Arabes by Smaïn Laacher
Insurrections Arabes by Smaïn Laacher


It even graced the front page of Reddit – full of geeky male dudes (right on guys!). I know there are some ladies there, but it’s really predominately male.




Fast forward to yesterday when I received my copy of the next publication it was published in. Humanist Perspectives. This is a great magazine out of Canada which deals specifically with Humanism. As a Humanist myself I was quite pleased to be included in a magazine supporting the only belief system I relate to in any way.

humanist perspectives
humanist perspectives


I love the quote they included around the image: “One of my fantasies is that next Sunday not one single woman, in any country of the world, will go to church. If women simply stop giving our time and energy to the institutions that oppress, they would have to cease to do so.” ~ Sonia Johnson, American feminist, activist and excommunicated Mormon

So while Canada and France are standing up for women in their own ways, back here in the United States women are getting forced government vaginal probes and some women in Texas are fed up…  and over in North Carolina they are having some problems! And Virginia and Wisconsin and Texas and Mississippi and North Dakota and and and and and. And while my image was specifically about BIRTH CONTROL PILLS because they were trying to ban insurance companies from covering that – hands off our bodies. Seriously. Just stop legislating laws to govern a woman’s right to control every aspect of her body. We are not chattel. We are women. And ladies who are reading… If you don’t vote in 2014 (you know for your state and local congressional stuff),  don’t bitch when all of a sudden you find out it’s illegal for you to get an I.U.D. to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. Please, don’t be shocked when women start dying because they shouldn’t have carried their babies to term due to other health conditions.  Because we are all Savita. Every one of us. When one woman is denied life due to religious ideologies, we all are. Until all women are free from government control, we are all under government control. Civil rights are a woman’s issue too.



Friends of Barnes

The Art of the Steal is a very amazing look into the complexities of destruction. I hope anyone and everyone who loves art will watch and be taken by what happened to the collection of Dr. Barnes. You can rent it on Netfilx if you want to.

After watching it myself I found my fingers at google researching a bit about it and found myself on their website in a photograph by Lisa Kereszi. So I contacted them to let them know I would like to donate my work also.

Me and My Shadow ©2005 Zoe Wiseman - model: Candace Nirvana
Me and My Shadow ©2005 Zoe Wiseman – model: Candace Nirvana
Crack in the Mirror - © 2005 Zoe Wiseman - Model: Ida Mae
Crack in the Mirror – © 2005 Zoe Wiseman – Model: Ida Mae


If you would like to purchase these images to support Friends of Barnes please visit this link to find out how.

I wish I could have visited the REAL Barnes.

1X4 Beyond 1×4 Beyond

The guys over at put together their 4th book with some of the best photography I’ve seen in some time. The members there certainly rate. I’m happy to be amongst such great artistic expression with my image of Kat Love, “Architectural Nude.”

They have limited edition copies available at their website. Go over and get yours! It would make an awesome holiday gift.

1X4 Beyond
1X4 Beyond


Architectural Nude - model: Kat Love - ©2006 Zoe Wiseman
Architectural Nude - model: Kat Love - ©2006 Zoe Wiseman

PH magazine and News

Please check out this really cool new online magazine in PDF format! PHmagazine. They’ve featured some of my nudes in Issue #7 of Audrey DeLuxe, Carlotta Champagne, Candace Nirvana, Madame Bink, Rei, Sara Liz and Rebecca Lawrence. Most of the work was all shot in Australia in 2009 and 2010 and some in California. It’s nice to have new work published. I’ve included screen shots here, but you can go to their website and download the PDF file. Read it on your iPhone or iPad by sending it to iBooks or you can just read the PDF normally without sending it to iBooks… I need an app called iZoe or something. They don’t like nudes though! Come on Apple! jeesh. Make sure you check out all the previous issues too, there are some really amazing photographers featured in the past issues. Great Street Photography, landscapes, nudes, portraits… lovely stuff. You’ll like it!


I apologize for my seemingly lackluster blogging lately. I’m so busy! At the moment I’m working on getting rid of the Flash portfolio in the photography section. Flash is just over and I’ve found a way, thanks to the plug-in developers for WordPress, to display my photography in a way which works on all the gadgets, iPhone, iPad, Android and and and … there’s too many gadgets to pay attention to these days. I am so thankful to be rid of Flash though! It’s such a boat anchor these days. I’m almost done formatting all the images for display so as soon as I’m done coding I’ll let you all know about the new gallery feature.

Alabama! Man oh man. I hope all of you are fairing decently after all this destruction. It always feels so helpless to not be able to do much except send money to the Red Cross or other local/national charities. I hope all of you reading this have bucked up a few dollars or more to help out those who suffered the brunt of the tornados. Growing up in Indiana I am all too familiar with the storms. There’s hardly any warning, you never know when it’s going to hit or what it is going to hit. And when it’s hitting all it sounds like is a train running through your ears. Scary.

And President Obama… Nice one yesterday. Flawless. And before I met my husband I dated a Navy Seal, he was hot – those abs! So… thanks to those Navy Seals who all did their jobs with pin point accuracy. Imagine my hand moving slowly to my forehead in salute, that’s what I’m doing! Today is a good day to exhale!


Reflections of 2010

Thank you to everyone who played a part in making 2010 a special year for me. It was filled with happy moments and great picture making. Trips to Australia, New Orleans, New England and all over my home state of California. Book publishings, gallery exhibitions, magazine features, working with amazing models and learning quite a bit and growing quite a bit.

A really special thank you to all the people at A&I. The exhibitions that I participated in were so much fun and I met so many wonderful people. It’s nice being part of a beautiful photo community in the city where I live. Thank you for allowing me to put on such a big solo exhibition too!

Australia. I love you. I love your people. I love your land. I want to throw a rope around the tail hitch of the plane each time I leave and drag you back to California with me. I do. I do! I hope all of you in Queensland are staying somewhat dry right now. What a flood! Sorry.

Thank you to all the collectors who purchased my work this year. While book and magazine publishings really make one happy, nothing makes someone happier than when someone likes the work so much that they buy it and hang it on their wall. Pure happiness!

Thank you to American Photo for making me their centerfold this July! What a hoot! 1o years later this photo is still being published. Love that.

Thank you very much to all the models who worked with me this year. I hope the work we did reaches the pages of more books and magazines in the future. You’ll be the first to know!

Thank you to Feierbend Unique Books, 1x, Sunset Studios and A&I for all the publishing and exhibits!

Thank you to everyone who has joined up on my new site Figure Models.

Thank you to Julia Dean Photo Workshops for having me participate in their workshop line up. It’s great to be teaching along with so many amazing photographers in such a warm and professional atmosphere.

And speaking at Apple about iPhone photography! Geek moment to remember!

And thank you to all the people who have touched me personally this year. Who have helped me see the world a bit more positively and shared my love of the earth, sky and water. Made me laugh, made me cry, and supported me in ways that gave me that special boost to carry on. I love you all.

Enjoy some photos from what will be remembered as a very amazing year! Bring on 2011!! Happy New Year!

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American Photo

Google works wonders sometimes. Had no idea I had a full page in American Photo magazine (the Hollywood Sign pic). Now how do I find a copy? Oh Burlesque days were fun. This photo was a part of Katharina Bosse’s book “New Burlesque.” She came to photograph me right after I moved to Hollywood from New Orleans. This was on my old rooftop.

©Katharina Bosse in American Photo

West Hollywood Book Fair Appearance 9.26.10

Hi y’all! I’ll be at the City of West Hollywood Book Fair signing copies of my limited edition book, Fiat Lux. If you bought one of my books but never had a chance to get it signed feel free to drop by and I’ll sign it for you. I’ll also have about 10 books there for sale, I’m running out so hurry! Hope to see some of you there.

City of West Hollywood Book Fair
City of West Hollywood Book Fair

A&I Books is proud to announce its sponsorship and first-time participation in the 9th Annual West Hollywood Book Fair, Sunday, September 26, 2010. A division of A&I Photographic and Digital, A&I Books is a leading printer and publisher of photography books.

“We are dedicated to serving the West Hollywood community, where so many of our artists live and work, and look forward to being part of the West Hollywood Book Fair’s exciting celebration of books,” says A&I’s co-owners Baret Lepejian and Vic Lepejian.

The A&I booth at the one-day event in West Hollywood Park will feature a demonstration of BookCreator, A&I’s free online self-publishing software that allows anyone to design and print their own photo book. Artists whose books have been printed by A&I will also be on hand to talk about their work and sign copies of their limited edition books. Artists include Jeff Sheng (“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”), Zoe Wiseman (“Fiat Lux”), and Kevin Gray (“American Cars”).

The 9th Annual West Hollywood Book Fair,

Sunday, September 26, 2010 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.,

West Hollywood Park, 647 N. San Vicente Blvd. 90069

A&I Books booth: E46.

In Pursuit of the Sublime

The book my image “Solar Energy” was published in has now been released by 205 different photographers with one photo each are all included inside this collective. You can purchase a copy by going to

Jazmine Dominique is the beautiful model in the photo.

Nice words

I just found this. I used google translator for that link, the text is all in Swedish. Ralf Stelander of mentioned me talking about his site. Thought that was nice. Thanks Ralf.

I’ll be in their soon to be released collective book this year with my image Solar Energy with the amazing model, Jazmine Dominique. I’ll announce it again once it’s been published. 🙂

Solar Energy
Solar Energy - @2007 Zoe Wiseman - Model: Jazmine Dominique