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It’s been so long! How are you? I’ve been in Australia at my yearly artist retreat. While I was away I got word that my work had been featured by the Duncan Miller Gallery in their newly formed website set to promote the work of contemporary, vintage and other well known images made by photographers. I was pleased to see the photo I made with Jazmine Dominique hanging out with Muhammad Ali. I think she looks just as strong. Kind of interesting seeing those images next to each other. Feminine and Masculine power. Nicely chosen, curators… nicely chosen. Their new site is called Your Daily Photograph and the images they’re sending out are superb. Masters and contemporary, emerging and vintage. You can subscribe to their site and get images delivered to your inbox daily.

Do so before my next image gets sent out! Which will be soon they tell me. I’ll post again when it’s up so you can see. Please click the image to be taken to the feature on their website where you can see the other images chosen.

Until then…





My protest image published twice

Back when Darrel Issa was holding meetings about birth control pills in congressional hearings looking at a long “witness” table full of Catholic Priests who were there to complain that Catholic businesses would have to include birth control coverage in their insurance policies for their employees, and Sandra Fluke became a punching bag for the right wing loons, I started getting really pissed off about people treating my body and other women’s bodies as if they were objects to be controlled by the government and by religious ideologies. So I had Carlotta Champagne and Titania Lynn come over to make some images. I was just GRRRRR angry. I still am.

Titania has this amazing writing technique (she’s quite full of artistic talent herself) so she wrote the placards for the images. We did quite a few images but one shot stood out and resonated to lots of people, men and women, on the internet. It went everywhere. I saw that some people had photoshopped out my english text and replaced it with Spanish, French, German and even Arabic.

My Ovaries Are Not Church Property in Arabic
My Ovaries Are Not Church Property in Arabic



I saw it first in Arabic when Buchet&Chastel publishers emailed me asking if I would be keen to publish the image in a book on the Tunisian uprisings. So I searched for it in Arabic and found that it had been shared during the chaos of the revolutions by hundreds of thousands of women online. It made me happy and hopeful for them. So, this was published in the book Insurrections Arabes by Smaïn Laacher.


Insurrections Arabes by Smaïn Laacher
Insurrections Arabes by Smaïn Laacher


It even graced the front page of Reddit – full of geeky male dudes (right on guys!). I know there are some ladies there, but it’s really predominately male.




Fast forward to yesterday when I received my copy of the next publication it was published in. Humanist Perspectives. This is a great magazine out of Canada which deals specifically with Humanism. As a Humanist myself I was quite pleased to be included in a magazine supporting the only belief system I relate to in any way.

humanist perspectives
humanist perspectives


I love the quote they included around the image: “One of my fantasies is that next Sunday not one single woman, in any country of the world, will go to church. If women simply stop giving our time and energy to the institutions that oppress, they would have to cease to do so.” ~ Sonia Johnson, American feminist, activist and excommunicated Mormon

So while Canada and France are standing up for women in their own ways, back here in the United States women are getting forced government vaginal probes and some women in Texas are fed up…  and over in North Carolina they are having some problems! And Virginia and Wisconsin and Texas and Mississippi and North Dakota and and and and and. And while my image was specifically about BIRTH CONTROL PILLS because they were trying to ban insurance companies from covering that – hands off our bodies. Seriously. Just stop legislating laws to govern a woman’s right to control every aspect of her body. We are not chattel. We are women. And ladies who are reading… If you don’t vote in 2014 (you know for your state and local congressional stuff),  don’t bitch when all of a sudden you find out it’s illegal for you to get an I.U.D. to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. Please, don’t be shocked when women start dying because they shouldn’t have carried their babies to term due to other health conditions.  Because we are all Savita. Every one of us. When one woman is denied life due to religious ideologies, we all are. Until all women are free from government control, we are all under government control. Civil rights are a woman’s issue too.



Friends of Barnes

The Art of the Steal is a very amazing look into the complexities of destruction. I hope anyone and everyone who loves art will watch and be taken by what happened to the collection of Dr. Barnes. You can rent it on Netfilx if you want to.

After watching it myself I found my fingers at google researching a bit about it and found myself on their website in a photograph by Lisa Kereszi. So I contacted them to let them know I would like to donate my work also.

Me and My Shadow ©2005 Zoe Wiseman - model: Candace Nirvana
Me and My Shadow ©2005 Zoe Wiseman – model: Candace Nirvana
Crack in the Mirror - © 2005 Zoe Wiseman - Model: Ida Mae
Crack in the Mirror – © 2005 Zoe Wiseman – Model: Ida Mae


If you would like to purchase these images to support Friends of Barnes please visit this link to find out how.

I wish I could have visited the REAL Barnes.

The Kona Gallery Auction to Benefit Japan


Fish Haul Beach, Hilton Head Island Model: Katherine
Fish Haul Beach, Hilton Head Island Model: Katherine

I’ve donated this print to benefit Sendai, Japan. It will be available at The Kona Gallery in San Clemente, California this Saturday April 16, 2011. I have extended family just outside of Tokyo, so it’s also a personal uplifting thing for me to do.

412 N. El Camino Real, San Clemente, CA 92672

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Rebekah Colby, Corporate Communications

Office: +1.949.481.3747
Fax:     +1.949.481.3941

Email: [email protected]



Silent Auction and Raffle at Free Event
SAN CLEMENTE, CALIFORNIA, U.S.–– The KONA Gallery invites you to a silent auction and raffle to raise money for the victims of the Sendai area earthquake and tsunami. Join us at The KONA Gallery and Photojournalism Center at 412 North El Camino Real, San Clemente, U.S., on Saturday April 16th from 6p.m. until 9p.m. to participate in this cause and to be apart of a silent auction/raffle and general event to remember and benefit the victims.

It has been a month since the devastating 9.0 earthquake and ensuring deadly tsunami hit Japan. The fallout is still being felt worldwide. International Medical Corps, ZUMA Press, DOUBLEtruck Magazine, plus over two dozen merchants in San Clemente area have teamed up with the KONA Gallery and Photojournalism Workshop Center to throw a benefit for the victims. The benefit will auction and raffle off over $100,000 worth of goods and services.


Scott Mc Kiernan, owner of The KONA Gallery and Photojournalism Center, has generously donated all of the Limited Edition DOUBLEtruck Magazine prints in the current exhibition of 29 Seeing Double Exhibition, the 20×30 prints are framed in museum frames, valued at $1,500 each, to be auctioned off, totaling over $ 43,000 worth. A great way to support the cause and get a beautiful photograph that tells a story that people should know.

The night is one you are not going to want to miss. The following is a list of the San Clemente companies who have contributed to the silent auction: Del Mar Beauty Supply/ Salon Bamboo, Chin’s Acupuncture, 5 Elements Spa, Sonny’s Pizza, The Cellar, Peligroso, Pizza Port, Bliss Boutique, San Clemente Wine Co, Beachfire, Skullcandy, Rainbow, Casa Tropicana, Nick’s, Hobie, Asana Fit, First Team Real Estate, Runmore, OltreMare, OC Tykes, Beach City Florist and St. Roy at Vine.

If you cannot attend in person, feel free to send a check to the gallery, put in memo: Quake Benefit.

100% of the proceeds will go to Japan, through International Medical Corps and ZUMA Press’s Tokyo Bureau. For more information about the silent auction and The KONA Gallery, please contact Rebekah Colby at +1.949. 481.3747 or email [email protected]

INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL CORPS ––Established in 1984, International Medical Corps is a global, humanitarian, nonprofit organization dedicated to saving lives and relieving suffering through health care training and relief and development programs.


THE KONA GALLERYAND PHOTOJOURNALISM CENTER––Unveiled on October 7, 2009 by photojournalist and entrepreneur, Scott Mc Kiernan, The KONA Gallery is a space dedicated to the presentation and discourse of photojournalism. The vision of The KONA Gallery has been to expose a broad audience to moving historical moments through the lens of acclaimed photographers. The center will be holding exhibits in its’ two galleries and a monthly lecture series will be held in the BIG WEDNESDAY Gallery, along with workshops thru out the year and other educational presentations.

Japan Quake Tsunami Benefit - The Kona Gallery
Japan Quake Tsunami Benefit - The Kona Gallery



Nice words

I just found this. I used google translator for that link, the text is all in Swedish. Ralf Stelander of mentioned me talking about his site. Thought that was nice. Thanks Ralf.

I’ll be in their soon to be released collective book this year with my image Solar Energy with the amazing model, Jazmine Dominique. I’ll announce it again once it’s been published. 🙂

Solar Energy
Solar Energy - @2007 Zoe Wiseman - Model: Jazmine Dominique

Inside Analog Photography Interview

Scott Sheppard from Inside Analog Photography asked for an interview a couple months ago and I was happy to give it. Nervous because I don’t normally like to talk – I hate my voice – but thankfully I didn’t annoy myself as much as I thought I would. What a relief! Thanks Scott! I think he asked some great questions and enabled me to give a good interview because of it. Inside Analog Photography is a gem of a Podcast. So many great interviews with some of today’s most recognized photographers. I’m honored to be amongst them all. If you love photography, even if you shoot digital, you should subscribe. There’s a wealth of information inside this podcast. You can hear me directly here – CLICK! And you can visit Inside Analog Photography’s website and I’ll be there soon too.

Please enjoy a photo from my last shoot in the desert with Meghan Claire. I have to work with her again soon. She’s amazing.

Sublime Nude, Model: Meghan Claire @ 2010 Zoe Wiseman

The le Nu LA show took off without me, but this video shows my image I made of Rei on the wall – the Quadtych! I wrote the forward for the book and the show, curated by Astor Morgan, was a big success! Thank you to everyone at A&I again and to Astor. I missed the big opening night to be with my family for my grandfather’s funeral.

I was gone for a couple weeks down south, New Orleans to be exact. It was good to be home. It was sad knowing that they’re going through yet another tragedy. I went down to Venice, Louisiana so I could see the marshes and swamps one last time before they become a dead zone. I’m crying as I’m typing this. I can’t express how much I love Louisiana in words. I became who I am today there. I feel the hurt. Tragic beauty. That’s my city. Chicago doesn’t know the Blues like New Orleans does. Life is cheap there, and at the same time the most valuable commodity on earth. I don’t know why they always have the world punch them like it does, but as I’m trying to think on the positive side of things, their artistic expression wouldn’t be the way it is without all this tragedy. It doesn’t make it good, the people do. They are some of the strongest people in heart that I know. And their pain is my pain. And as the oil is starting to reach the shores of Pesacola, Florida tonight, I feel their pain too. I spent many days on those beaches. Knowing there’s no hope is absolutely heartbreaking. I can’t even begin to speak about the animals suffering or … I’ll end it there. Everyone please keep these people in your hearts. Let’s make them even stronger and more resilient.

Venice, Louisiana marsh land @2010 Zoe Wiseman
Venice, Louisiana marsh land @2010 Zoe Wiseman
Egret @2010 Zoe Wiseman

Ovation TV Showing

So I did what I griped about a few months back and entered a contest. But, it was a FREE contest and all the submissions were all posted online so everyone could see them. So it felt a bit more INNOCENT and fun, instead of someone collecting money from artists, then turn around and use their images commercially to advertise collecting even more money from artists. yeah. I guess that’s my beef with most “contests.” But, when Ovation TV announced they were having a contest for their community members and we had to upload our work to a discussion board so all was on display, that really seemed more enthusiastic. And they aren’t making money off of me either. Bonus. And it all paid off when I won. HOW FUN! A real legitimate contest that doesn’t make money from artists. Kudos Ovation TV!

It was for their Framed Art Race 2010 and we had to upload cell phone images. Since all I’ve been doing lately is taking pictures with my iPhone it was a logical thing for me to do. So I won their contest and my iPhone image of Rei will be featured on TV in about 4 weeks. Coincidentally, Rei will also be the photograph in leNuLA @ A&I on May 27. In Rei’s words, “The universe has made it clear that it likes it when we hang out and you take pictures.” I have to agree. Thanks Rei!

Rei in a Bowl
Rei in a Bowl

Sharing Sentence Stage

I shared the same sentence with Bunny Yeager and Helena Christensen, under a line about Beautiful People.

I hope Marilyn Manson is laughing at me. I kid. I kid.

Even though I may not agree with the tone of the article, speaking poorly about “shooting someone who’s about to die will make you famous” and the accident thing, it is cool sharing a sentence with these awesome ladies.

I’m not where ever this guy thinks I am on accident. My path has been very intentional and deliberate. Or, the notion of just being beautiful and all… I’ve kind of worked really hard… and I still feel like I’m working really really hard and climbing uphill most of the time. There’s never been a plateau. Or a feeling of coasting.  So, hmm. Contemplating what was said and not sure I quite grasp it.

This Saturday April 24, 2010

On Saturday April 24, 2010 from 11AM – 12:30PM I will be discussing print quality  during  MOPLA – Month of Photography Los Angeles. This is part of the Fresh Fairs Discussions. Click here for the Calendar!

Admission: $10.00 General Admission, $5.00 for Lucie Members and Students

Location: Pier 59 Studios – 2415 Michigan Avenue (off Cloverfield Boulevard), Santa Monica, CA 90404

You can find out a little more about the Fresh Fairs discussions here.