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Polaroid Type 55 with the Floof

I had plans to go out to the sand with Floofie for our shoot last week but catching a silly cold prevented that. So we stayed in and made some Polaroid Type 55 images. Yes, I still have a stash luckily. It doesn’t like to get warm so I have to press the film against the freezer wall right before I insert it into the film holder. It’s getting very finicky. I like the torn look and don’t really mind unless it’s messing with the composition. I’m glad to still be working with the film and thanking my foresight when it came to stockpiling it before the demise. For now I don’t need to start shooting regular 4×5 film and developing later. I like the on the spot developing. It makes me happy. I obtained a minute amount of solarization on this shoot and I’m super stoked about that. I usually get it easily with the Polaroid Type 85 I use with my Holga and Polaroid Back, so maybe the aging process is lending more funk to the film. I’ll take it.

So, enjoy the shoot…





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