Sharing Sentence Stage

I shared the same sentence with Bunny Yeager and Helena Christensen, under a line about Beautiful People.

I hope Marilyn Manson is laughing at me. I kid. I kid.

Even though I may not agree with the tone of the article, speaking poorly about “shooting someone who’s about to die will make you famous” and the accident thing, it is cool sharing a sentence with these awesome ladies.

I’m not where ever this guy thinks I am on accident. My path has been very intentional and deliberate. Or, the notion of just being beautiful and all… I’ve kind of worked really hard… and I still feel like I’m working really really hard and climbing uphill most of the time. There’s never been a plateau. Or a feeling of coasting.  So, hmm. Contemplating what was said and not sure I quite grasp it.

This Saturday April 24, 2010

On Saturday April 24, 2010 from 11AM – 12:30PM I will be discussing print quality  during  MOPLA – Month of Photography Los Angeles. This is part of the Fresh Fairs Discussions. Click here for the Calendar!

Admission: $10.00 General Admission, $5.00 for Lucie Members and Students

Location: Pier 59 Studios – 2415 Michigan Avenue (off Cloverfield Boulevard), Santa Monica, CA 90404

You can find out a little more about the Fresh Fairs discussions here.

I’ve become addicted to making photographs on my iPhone. I have over 5500 images stored on it right now. So in order to make sense of all these images, I just launched (10 minutes ago) This is where I will store all my iPhone art, obviously. It’s a Tumblr site too, so it’s easy to subscribe and follow. You can even submit your own iPhone pictures to this site if you want to by clicking on the “submit” link on the left.

I’m amazed at how easy it is to photograph, process, and even watermark your iPhone pictures directly on the phone without the need to download them to your computer first. All the images I will post there will all be processed, uploaded, and 100% made on my iPhone. I don’t even need to download them in order to upload them to the web. Tumblr has a fantastic iPhone app that you can use for that! And what about printing, you ask? What’s the use in having really cool images if you can’t hang them on the wall, right? Well, CanvasPop takes care of all that. They do amazing canvas prints from iPhone images. I’ve had several printed for myself and for friends and family. I’m a stickler for quality, and I thought for sure that I would have to make some adjustments to my quality meter when dealing with the iPhone image process. But, much to my astonishment, I was quite happy with the quality CanvasPop produced. Shocker! Now all we need is a book publisher that makes an iPhone application so that you can make your own books directly from your iPhone. Can’t you imagine little 4×4 books selling like hotcakes? I can. Earth to publishers! Come in publishers! Can you hear me? Get on the stick! ha. Why hasn’t Apple done it? HEY! Cupertino! I know you’re reading this. I see you in my stats! There’s money to be made here people! Just credit me, OK? Maybe give me a 2% share in profits? I’ll help anyone design the program to photographer’s tastes. Call me!

So, have fun following my new site and feel free to participate. I’d love it!

Enjoy an iPhone picture!

Dear Grandfather

Maj. Vernon Hoehn
Maj. Vernon Hoehn

My grandfather is dying from Parkinson’s Disease this week. It has taken hold of him and prevents him from swallowing at this point. This is his life according to the military:

Army Air Corps (US Air Force Reserves)

9.14.1942 – After passing examinations at Chanute Field, Illinois he was accepted as Army Air Corps Reservist

2.24.1942 – Called to active service and pilot training – European Theatre of War

3.1945 – Left New York City

3.13.1945 – Shipwrecked in the Atlantic Ocean on the way to the Azores

5.5.1945 – Deopham Green AFB, England and 431st Bomb Group

6.25.1945 – Left Deopham Green and weathered in Glasgow, Scotland

1.27.1945 – Left Scotland

10.23.1945 – Inactive Status

1950 – Active Reserves at Atterberry AFB, Indiana. (renamed Bakalar AFB) – Member of the 71st Sq. 434 T.C. Group

10.28.1962 – Active Duty Cuban Missil Crisis

11.28.1962 – Relieved of Active Duty

9.1964 – Applied for 20 year retirement status. Erroneously told he was 23 days short.

2.1966 0 Signed up for 3 years Active Reserve to help pay for college

5.13.1968 – Active Duty Rickenbacker AFB in Columbus, OH

12.12.1968 – Left for Viet Nam via San Francisco, Tacoma, Anchorage, Attu Island, Guam

1.20.1969 – NTrang, Viet Nam

6.8.1969 – Relieved of Active Duty

5.1970 – Inactive Status

6.13.1981 – Retirement from Air Force Reserves at age 60

His life according to me:

Took his grand daughter up in his plane at age 7 and let her fly it as co-pilot. Many more flying lessons would be had in the next years.

Never let me win a foot race. But he made me faster.

Always was there with a camera and video when his grand daughter was skating. Recorded every skating competition he attended.

Put in a swimming pool when I said I wished we had one.

Fixed my cars on several occasions when they broke down due to my driving like a maniac. He never complained and showed me how to change an alternator.

Always wanted to see me and always had a smile and positive attitude.

Loved my grandmother.

There are many more things… it’s just reflection. He was a great man. Served his country for almost his entire life. Served his family even more. I will always look back and smile. I wish I could tell him these things, but I know he knows. He just can’t hear now.

Goodbye Granddad. You were so good to everyone in your life.


Exhibition ~ I Spy With My Plastic Eye + Polaroid Loveliness

i Spy With My Plastic Eye

My work will be hanging again during Mopla @ 5th and Sunset Studios – Come out for a great time and to meet great people!
Apr 16 2010
i Spy With My Plastic Eye

5th And Sunset Studios – 12322 Exposition Blvd West Los Angeles, CA  90064

Admission: FREE

i Spy With My Plastic Eye, is a group exhibition visualized by photographer, Astor Morgan.  The exhibit, brought to life by A&I, is a testament to the unique qualities of toy cameras.  Each artist approached their imagery with a singular voice, using a variety of film types, techniques, and cameras.  The photographs in this exhibit speak of gesture, of time passing, of simplicity and complexity, allowing for a wide range of expression.  And all of this magic has been captured through an inexpensive plastic lens, part of an inexpensive plastic camera that inspires discovery and serendipity.

The i Spy With My Plastic Eye exhibit will be on display at 5th and Sunset Studios.  Available for viewing April 1st to April 30 by appointment only by calling 310.979.0212.  Books will be available with a “foreword” by Aline Smithson.  Proceeds of book and print sales benefit

Artist’s reception and book signing April 16, 8pm to 11pm.


I just returned from Palm Springs and made some Polaroids with my Holga. Enjoy this one of Meghan. I was having a fight with my film trying to figure out the correct lighting to capture the perfect Silver Polaroid look and finally got it on the last frame. A salute to her patience as I cursed my camera and this film. I’m quite happy with this photo.

4.1.10 Meghan @ Viceroy Palm Springs