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Polaroid Exhibit – Instantaneous: The Polaroid Legacy

Hi all! 

It’s been awhile. I’ve been busy trying to redesign this site and organize my artist retreat. Learning new things and making new photographs – 

On October 6 the opening reception for Instantaneous: The Polaroid Legacy will be from 6-9PM in Raleigh, NC 

Anchorlight  – 1401 S. Blookworth AVE, Raleigh, NC

Instantaneous: The Polaroid Legacy

Instantaneous: The Polaroid Legacy

The show runs from October 6-31, 2017. 

I’ll have 4 prints in the show along with fellow Polaroid artists, Bill McAllister, Bryce Lankard, Harlan Campbell, Lisa McCarty, Polly Chandler, Richard McCabe and Tanner Messer. 

Then at the Mythical Beast Lounge October 27-29 the 20×24 Giant Polaroid Camera will be strutting its stuff.. I’ll be in Australia for that and I’m crushed, but you should go! It will be incredible! 

This is one of the images that I will be showing and selling in the show. Polaroid Type 85 POS/NEG. 

© 2012 Zoe Wiseman - Model: Ella Rose

© 2012 Zoe Wiseman – Model: Ella Rose


















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