My show is being hung today

My show is being hung today. What a great feeling. I find it so appropo that it’s Mardi Gras too. New Orleans gave me my start and the decade of hard work after gets it’s day at the end of carnival. It’s a great Fat Tuesday!

I am really humbled and thankful to A&I for giving me this opportunity.

I took some iPhone snaps of the progress. Included is the unbound copies of my book. If your in Los Angeles or near by please come out this Thursday and I will sign a copy for you.

933 N. Highland Ave
Hollywood, CA 90038
7PM – 10PM

Happy Mardi Gras

I was trapped in a box
in downtown LA
in the dark
i heard a lark say
let me out

i remembered the oak trees
the smell of magnolias lining the streets
the guy with the tuba puff puff puffing
along the magazine
school was out
my window was open
the smell of beer and the bakery
red, beans and rice
i thought i would go there that day for any price

but i was trapped in that box
in the dark
so i stepped out through my mind
and when i put on my mask

it was mardi gras again
and i grinned and flew through the dark
i heard the brass band
i felt the sting of thrown beads from mister tossed too hard on my face
i heard the dabloons on the ground clammering around
i saw the poor and the rich
on st. charles


i saw the neighbors cats basking in that sunshine
i remembered my french doors that lead to the toth parade
and those stairs that opened right on the street

i felt the southern rain in the sunshine

and it was mardi gras in my imagination
and i knew that city would always be with me
in my heart

Self Portrait
Mardi Gras - Self Portrait

Weingart Center Press Release


January 26, 2010
Contact: Tammy Metzger
Director, Marketing & Communications
Weingart Center Association
Phone: 213-689-2223
E-Mail: [email protected]

Fiat Lux – Fine Art Nudes Photo Exhibit Helps Homeless Population in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA – January 26, 2010 — The Weingart Center Association, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that serves homeless men and women in Los Angeles, is pleased to announce that it will be the beneficiary of Zoe Wiseman’s opening reception for her solo exhibition FIAT LUX – Fine Art Nudes on February 18 at A&I Gallery located at 933 North Highland Avenue, Hollywood, CA 90038. Artist Zoe Wiseman chose to donate 50% of the proceeds from her upcoming opening reception to the Weingart Center because, after living in downtown Los Angeles for a year, she saw how homelessness ravages the human soul.

“It makes me extremely happy that my photography has the ability to help people in need,” states Zoe Wiseman. “The Weingart Center is a beacon for humanity and I’m proud to partner with them to help the homeless.”

The opening reception for FIAT LUX – Fine Art Nudes by Zoe Wiseman will run from 7pm – 10pm on Thursday, February 18. All funds received from this opening reception will support the Weingart Center’s operational needs. The Weingart Center helps individuals break the cycle of homelessness by providing transitional residential housing, medical and mental health treatment, substance abuse recovery, education and workforce development, and long term case management.

“We are very pleased to be named the beneficiary of Zoe Wiseman’s upcoming opening reception,” says Gregory C. Scott, President and CEO of the Weingart Center Association, “We are excited that a member of the art world is helping make a difference in one of our city’s most critical issues— homelessness.”

Zoe Wiseman has been published in several magazines, movie soundtracks, newspapers and books as both model and photographer. Her photography and modeling work is collected worldwide.

About the Weingart Center Association
The Weingart Center Association is a multi-service agency that transforms the lives of homeless men and women, helping them break the cycle of homelessness by providing on-site services that include: transitional housing; case management; substance abuse recovery; medical and mental health treatment; education; workforce development; permanent supportive housing; and family services, with tailored programs for veterans, people on parole, women and HIV+ individuals. The Weingart Center is celebrating its 25th anniversary as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

My Book is finished

I have always wanted to print a book of my work that I could be satisfied with. When I think of art books I envision each page to be a representation of a print that I would make. So many self publishers fall short of this goal and really don’t care about the quality of each page, but more so the quantity of books they can get through their printers which aren’t usually calibrated frequently. When the printers aren’t calibrated frequently this causes each book to be printed different from the next which could be one of the issues, but there are several. As you can see on my site I sell a book printed by Blurb. I’ll be taking that down and “discontinuing” sales of DISCONTINUde as the quality is not up to my standards. They missed my deep blacks in ALL of my prints. There is no detail. It’s just black. One of the prints I’m attaching in this posting … Achilles Knee (model, Stephanie Anne)… none of the trees to the left of the picture even show up in the book. They are just a black blob, as are each of the prints in the book. And that’s a shame because the size of the book is really cute and square (5×5) like my photos and I wanted it to be a nice little book one could keep. And many of my sepia toned images turned green. So, even if I used a little color to try and get their printers to behave in a manner that would look good for my prints, nothing worked. I even calibrated Photoshop to use their color calibration. It was really disappointing. This was also to be a book that they would showcase at an event so people could see the quality of their work. It was so disappointing for me that I told them they couldn’t showcase my book. I spent days and weeks putting that book together too.

Achilles Knee - ©2007 Zoe Wiseman - model: Stephanie Anne
Achilles Knee - ©2007 Zoe Wiseman - model: Stephanie Anne

A&I had printed a couple of my photographs in their books for group shows they had which I was a part of, and both of my photographs looked excellent inside of Nude X and I Spy With My Plastic Eye. When asked to do a show of my work and a book, I went into the book making process with a lot more optimism and was not sorry for it. Creating a book is a lot of work. It’s much more than just slapping an image on a page. It takes time to create a flow, work out where you need to put type, what font to use, which image should represent each theme. So when you spend that much effort to layout and creating an art piece with your photography and then paying for it, it’s so nice when it all comes out perfect. My book Fiat Lux is beautiful. And I’m not tooting my own horn or A&I’s because they gave me a show. I’m blunt… if something sucks I usually say so straight away. I’m not getting paid to say this either. They aren’t sponsoring me, I’m paying for my own publishing. They really do care about quality and it’s obvious that they all enjoy seeing a great product come from their lab. In fact, I’m sure they would be embarrassed if something subpar ever exited the building.

I’m very excited for people to see and purchase this book during my opening… and will not hesitate to add my signature to it because it is something I definitely approve of. When I held it for the first time yesterday, I turned into a giggly little girl. See you all next Thursday the 18th!

Fiat Lux - fine art nudes by zoe wiseman
Fiat Lux - fine art nudes by zoe wiseman