Flyer for I Spy With My Plastic Eye

This is going to be a great show, for a great charity. AND! A book has been made with all the images that will be hanging in the gallery. Buy some art, and support a charity = heart warming! See you all Thursday!  Click on the flyer to see the event information.

I Spy With My Plastic Eye
I Spy With My Plastic Eye

I’ll be showing one of my husbands destroyed keyboards from The Fragile Tour (NIN), taken with a Holga/Polaroid Back and shot on Type 85 DISCONTINUED Polaroid film.

No model, no problem

Nov. 28, 2009 - Self Portrait
Nov. 28, 2009 - Self Portrait

There’s a corner in my house that gets such beautiful light. Upon return from the frozen tundra which is the North East, I’m doing rituals to wrap my heart back around the sun. One was sitting in this corner in the morning. And I thought, “I really wish I had a model.” then said, “duh.” No model, no problem.

Dartmouth Wanderings

My husband is from the Hanover area near Dartmouth College. His father was once a professor here. So, we’re visiting for Thanksgiving and I have been wandering around taking photos of the area.

One of the original Animal House – yeah from the movie. It’s easy to see how it made a great movie.

The other, not so light hearted, Skull and Bones frat house. You know, the evil lair where Presidents and chicken hawks and Dick Cheney’s and Bush’s learn destruction. Yet, aforementioned names learned so at Yale. It sits as a windowless gargoyle like creature on a bluff looming over the street. A black door with no door handle and no obvious way to gain entrance. Just like the frat really is, so is the building. Dark.

I Spy With My Plastic Eye

Victim #16 Fallen Keyboard - The Fragile Tour - Nine Inch Nails
Victim #16 Fallen Keyboard - The Fragile Tour - Nine Inch Nails

I Spy With My Plastic Eye, is a group print exhibition visualized by photographer, Astor Morgan. The exhibit, brought to life by A&I, is a testament to the unique qualities of toy cameras. Each artist approached their imagery with a singular voice, using a variety of film types, techniques, and cameras.

Because the charity weSpark will benefit from proceeds of this exhibit, special arrangements have been made with the contributing artists to allow their prints so be sold at unprecedented prices. Please visit, .

Contributing Artists:
Zoe Wiseman, Aline Smithson, Anne Elliot Cutting, Monica Orozco, Erin McGuire, April Rocha, Christiane Ingenthron, Carmen Luceno, Connie Conway, Daniel Lupercio, Ellen Stone, Gal Harpaz, Maura Brennan, Nicole Cooper, Noelle Swan Gilbert, Jason Costanzo, Joshua Elliot, Liv Naesheim, Manuello Paganelli, Maura Brennan, Meg Madison, Niki Mustain, Nelson Blanton, Thomas Michael Alleman, Astor Morgan, Michael Kirchoff, Jolie Margulies, Karen Florek, Evan Walsh and Vern Evans.

Sponsored by:
A&I, HP, Fuji, Freestyle, Light Leaks Magazine, Lens Babys, and Julia Dean.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

7:00pm – 10:00pm

A&I Hollywood

933 N. Highland Avenue

Hollywood, CA

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Portfolio Update

I’ve updated my portfolio with images from the past 6 months, over 50 images. Many of my conceptual themes and several images which were made in Australia. Here are just a few that were included in the update.  FLASH PORTFOLIO (prettier) | or HTML PORTFOLIO (for those without flash and cell phones).

More Images from Australia

The last time I worked with Rei was in 2004 and one of the images we made has been published 5 different times. It was a pleasure to work with her again. There are more images yet to be scanned, but I’m already in love with several of these. The rest will be placed in my permanent photo gallery on this site @ the link above called Photography. 😉