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Studio Simplicity

I always got bored shooting in studio environments as an art model. Aside from a couple of photographers I worked with regularly most shoots felt like a chore instead of an adventure. So when I decided to put a camera in my hands and create my own art, I couldn’t wait to venture out into the landscape to chase shadows and light. I feel like I did that. I did a lot of it. So here I am in a studio attempting to design an atmosphere that doesn’t feel like a chore and more of an adventure. Which sort of makes it not simple at all, but an open window to another quest.

Does this make me happy? Yes.

Some of these are years old. Some, just made last month. Enjoy. Each model presented in her own group of photographs. To view the next set of works click on the next model. And so on and so forth.

If a print from one of these would make you happy please let me know. [email protected] (never linking my email because…. sp^m)

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