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The 2024 LA Art Show official promo featuring my work, and some of the artists I exhibited with at the Fabrik Projects booth:

You can experience the Virtual Exhibition for the LA ART SHOW and see the amazing artists I exhibited with and see my work on their front page logo space.

Associated Press For Sunkissed 85

LA ART Show wall

Selected Photographs offered by BG Gallery in Santa Monica’s Bergamot Station

LA Nude XI

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LA Nude XI Book and Forward

Photo Art Magazine

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Photo Art Magazine

10th Anniversary of the LA Nude exhibition and book.

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10th LA Nude Anniversary exhibition and book Publications

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Three books for

Tape Op

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Random Music Magazines

SAW II Original Score by Charlie Clouser

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SAW II Original Score

Silver Grain Classics Magazine

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Silver Grain Classics Magazine

Plastic camera shows in an era of LA exhibits honoring photography. Curated by Astor Morgan.

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iSpy with My Plastic Eye gallery exhibitions and books

Nudes Photography

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Nudes Photography book

Wayward Pines Score

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Wayward Pines Soundtrack

Fine Art Photo Magazine

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Fine Art Photo Magazine

Polaroid used to feature artists who used their films before they filed for bankruptcy due to this, “In 2008, Tom Petters, CEO of Petters Group Worldwide, was charged with fraud and the Petters Group was revealed as a Ponzi scheme. As a result, Polaroid Corporation was again placed in receivership/bankruptcy in 2008, and a Trustee was appointed to recover its assets. The bankruptcy was finally complete in 2019.” Unfortunately in the ups and downs the film depicted in their website feature here was discontinued and Zoe is the only photographer who made a complete project with Polaroid Type 85, the square format images in the feature.