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Naked Terrain – BG Gallery exhibition – Silvergrain Classics Magazine portfolio and interview

Happy New Year everyone. It’s been quite a long time since I’ve blogged anything here. So I believe a new years post is in order.

I didn’t do much shooting this year or last because of the times we live in. Go away Covid! But, I was exhibited and published so I feel like there were some positive accomplishments that can bring a bit of cheer.

The first: bG Gallery is located at Bergamont Station in Santa Monica. The Naked Terrain exhibit may be seen by clicking HERE>

Naked Terrain Online exhibition – bG Gallery

This is the video from the April 2021 online exhibition, Naked Terrain. I don’t like speaking on video. It’s scary. So, cut me some slack please. LOL

Silvergrain Classics Magazine

They reached out this year to ask me to have a portfolio in their amazing magazine devoted to everything analog. Just about every accomplished photographer still using film graces their pages. National Geographic photographers, world wide published and exhibited photographers, masters and somehow me. (self deprecating humor aside…) It was a really nice end to a really sort of blah year because of Covid.

You may purchase the issue I’m included in HERE>

A very lovely written interview by Karin Majoka is included. It was great speaking with her about my work. She really listened and took what I said and depicted it correctly in what she wrote about me in the magazine. Such an honor to have someone see me and translate that into print.

Silvergrain Classics feature
Silvergrain Classics Cover

So this year wasn’t bad at all.

Happy New Year everyone. Thank you for the bright spots and here’s to many more in 2022!

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