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LA Art Show

A LOT has been happening and I have been completely overwhelmed with busyness that I haven’t been able to tell you all about it. There was a bit of a drought and now its a monsoon. Just like California weather. What month is it? March?

February was a hit and 1/2 when out of the blue I was invited to participate in the LA Art Show (you can go on a virtual tour here) with Photo Independent. WHAT A SHOW! It’s huge. And to be exhibiting my work there was really wonderful. I met so many interesting and amazing artists and photographers, collectors; and listening to people talk about my work when they didn’t know I was the photographer was fun. It isn’t apparent in some of my work how exactly I do what I do and listening to them examining, out loud, their best guess on how an image was made really threw me off a few times. I let them get it out then went over to tell them how I make my images. The most beautiful thing I saw was a mother TEACHING her child about my work. There is hope for the future. Here are a few photo highlights:

I have much more to discuss in the coming days. I just approved the proof for the release of my first monograph titled, Sunkissed 85 and I’m headed to Milan to exhibit my work with Photo Independent at the MIA Photo Fair. You can catch me on Instagram for brief updates.

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