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Gonzo Nude

There we were, a group of more than 20 dinner guests, across the street from this church and I made the comment about how fun and exciting it would be to make this photo. Titania jumps up, “I’ll do it!” So we ran across the street and did it. 30 seconds later they turned the lights off. I don’t know if they saw our blasphemy (lol) or not but the thrill of risking a good scolding felt exhilarating. I was completely sober, as I always am.

Tis the season. Don your juvenile delinquent hat and get out there. Yes, I might be a bad influence but fun is fun. I hope this gives you a smile.

Should you find the need of a 8×18″ print for your wall to celebrate the delinquency of two women celebrating blasphemy, just send me a message. Silver gelatin, fibre – $1000.00.

Should I make Christmas cards? hmm

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