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Technology Yay!

Since I am the proud new owner of the new iPad 3G I’m testing the blog application I downloaded from the app store to blog from my iPad. I have the cool new iDock so typing from an actual keyboard instead of the touchscreen. It’s the ultimate. No more laptop for me. Thank you Steve Jobs. This is truly a brilliant way to work. My husband and I were watching a movie on it while eating dinner at the kitchen table reflecting upon how utterly 2001 it all was… and I don’t mean the year. But where are our jet packs? seriously. Yeah, I know they make them now, but you can’t train on them in the United States, and I doubt they license them. But, aside from that I feel a bit like Judy Jetson.

And these apps for photos and video on the iPad… S.I.C.K. I love it. I think I’m going to ditch the idea that film photography is still the best way to produce work now. It’s all about iPhone/iPad and once I get the connector strip for a digi cam I’ll just do all my editing right on my iPad, produce an iPad book of iPhone/Pad photography and be set with it all. I may never get on my real computer again. (I’m joking of course.) I’m just in love with Apple right now. Oh yes, I bit the Apple. Gladly. Give me MORE. What’s Steve going to come up with next?

I’m still waiting (im)patiently for the photo book app. Why isn’t it here yet? Someone hurry up and make the application for designing a book directly on the iPad/iPhone and do it quick. My foot is continuing to tap… tap… tap… tap. I know exactly how to design it. Someone hire me to do it so I can hurry up and make an iPhone book without getting on my computer.

And I’m going to call out Hipstamatic one more time for having a faulty application. Folks, you can’t upload the pictures from your application from the photo library on the iPhone. Just tried using this application to upload an image taken with Hipstamatic and it ruined the entire post and I had to start all over again. Your app is so faulty that iPad won’t even allow it to sync to the device. It takes some really cool images, but it’s plainly obvious that none of you Hipstamatic developers really give a _ _ _ _ that people can actually show the pictures. What? We’re just supposed to show people our iPhones? Or post to Flickr or Facebook as something suitable? Come on!

OK – end rant… but GRRRRRR. I’ll post a photo taken of Cindy Lou Who’s house by another more friendly app called Cinemafx. Download it and start playing all you iPhoneographers.

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  1. Vernon Trent May 2, 2010 at 2:19 am #

    Z, you are the crazyest geek I ever know 🙂

  2. Ryan @ Hipstamatic May 3, 2010 at 6:21 pm #

    Hey Zoe – If you want to give us some details about the bug you’re having with Hipstamatic we’d be happy to help you troubleshoot. The app is certainly not designed to not allow you to import photos onto your Mac.

    Cheers, -r

    • Zoe May 3, 2010 at 6:58 pm #

      Hi Ryan – I sent you an email with this information… Thanks so much for offering to help.

      Just got your comment on my blog. Thank you! I’ve been posting this issue on the Facebook group with no answers about it.
      Here’s the link so you can check out the discussion:

      I’m also having issues with the app when I sync my iPhone and my iPad to my Mac. Almost every hipstamatic image creates a duplicate on the sync. No other app does this. And here’s an example post on Tumblr trying to upload from my iPhone gallery to Tumblr directly from my phone. It does the same thing when I try uploading from my iPhoto gallery on my Mac too. Something is wicky. The only way I’m able to post Hipstamatic pictures is either to Flickr or to Facebook from within the Hipstamatic application, unless I download to my computer, open in Photoshop… adjust something so that other parameters are embedded in the file… then it will work… but only sometimes and it depends on what “film”/”lens” combination I use, but I haven’t narrowed that combo down yet to figure out what one is causing the problem.

      Thank you for the attention!! I love the photos that I can make with the app, but it’s just seriously unstable. I hope there’s a fix somewhere so I can post other places besides flickr and facebook as those are not my professional websites.

      Zoe Wiseman

      Here’s the Facebook discussion:

      Displaying all 23 posts.

      Mey Laurie hi
      anyone ever had problem uploading saved hipstamatic photos from iphone galary? i attempted to upload hipstamatic pictures i saved in iphone galary to facebook, each time i get ‘your photo cant be upload at this time’
      i dont have problem if i upload the pic directly from hipstamatic folders.
      January 8 at 1:32am · Report

      Claudette Bacho I am having the same issue
      January 10 at 6:22pm · Report

      Mey Laurie any idea how to get around this?
      January 10 at 10:07pm · Report

      Claudette Bacho No. I was hoping someone that created it could help out. I wonder if it’s because i have the 3 gs??
      January 11 at 1:38am · Report

      Ryan Dorshorst This is a very recent issue that several of our users have been reporting, and I think that sadly it might be a bug with the new Facebook app that was recently released for iPhone (3.1.1).

      At the studio we have a test iPhone that is still running the previous Facebook app (3.0), and it is still able to upload pictures to Facebook through that route.

      There is a built-in Facebook share option with the Hipstamatic, from the app itself, that you could use for the time being (until a bug fix is released by Facebook). To access it, tap on a print from within Hipstamatic, then tap the Share Icon (in the lower left corner of the screen). Choose ‘Facebook’ as your share destination, and the rest is self-explainatory.

      Ryan @ Hipstamatic
      Post by application developer.
      January 12 at 9:01am · Report

      Brian Strauss I’m finding that any photos taken with the Kodot Verichrome film will not upload to Facebook via either the Facebook app, or via the Hipstamatic post to Facebook option. I get the error “Invalid Signature” everytime I try.

      Also, Google’s Picasa photo management appication refuses to import any Hipstamatic photos directly into its library from the iPhone.

      In both cases, first manually moving the photos to your computer and then manually uploading them in Facebook or Picasa works just fine.
      January 18 at 9:34pm · Report

      Mey Laurie thank you for sharing the information.

      January 18 at 10:15pm · Report

      Claudette Bacho If you go to your albums you can email it to your facebook. Login to your facebook and search facebook mobile to get you page address to email to. It will then direct the photos to your mobilr albums.
      January 19 at 5:14pm · Report

      Mey Laurie thanks
      January 19 at 6:15pm · Report

      Aladino Debert I found a workaround!! If you set your print quality on Hipstamatic settings to HIGH, then Fcbk has no problems uploading. But of course it takes longer to process the photo… so I’m suspecting it has to do with Hipstamatic itself, likely the format the images are saved as.
      February 27 at 5:04pm · Report

      Mey Laurie i tend to agree with aladino. thank you everyone.
      February 27 at 7:02pm · Report

      Zoe Wiseman this is definitely a Hipstamatic issue. I try uploading from my iPhone gallery to my wordpress app to update my blog and the picture is black. no info. just a black frame. same on facebook. same on myspace. same on everyplace, even tumblr. i can upload anything from my iPhone gallery except pictures taken with hipstamatic. the only way i can upload is using the app itself to upload to facebook. or if i import a hipstamatic photo into camerabag and process the image through camerabag or another photo app and save to my iPhone gallery. there’s definitely something going on there. hope this helps.
      March 14 at 8:02am · Delete Post

      Nathan Murray I wished the hipstamatic photo saved in your iphone’s gallery came with exif data that could be uploaded along with the photo outside of the hipstamatic app.
      March 15 at 8:46am · Report

      Andie Solar It works when you email the pics to yourself, save them in the gallery and then upload via facebook (the ones you saved through email). weird, but it works…
      April 3 at 10:36am · Report

      Amy Smart Craft I had the same problem. Now I just upload mine from the computer after I sync my phone.
      April 15 at 7:52pm · Report

      Zoe Wiseman @Andie – yes, but if you email them to yourself then iPhoto doesn’t recognize them as a proper image after you save to your gallery and try to sync your images sometimes so the images don’t get saved on iPhoto. Hipstamatic has some issues they need to work out. I posted one of the black nothing graphics on
      April 15 at 8:22pm · Delete Post

      Andie Solar Zoe: I don’t sync them. Just upload viac FB on iphone again… maybe I wasn’t clear… as I email them to myself I open the email on iphone and save the image to the gallery on the phone and then upload via FB…
      April 15 at 8:41pm · Report

      Zoe Wiseman @Andie – no you were totally clear. I got it and I’ve also had to use the emailing route just to post a photograph. what i’m saying is that it clogs something on the phone and iphoto which prevents iphoto from syncing your images sometimes – ALL your images not just your hipstamatic ones. there’s a glitch there in hipstamatic.
      April 15 at 9:00pm · Delete Post

      Andie Solar oh wow. I was confused then 🙂 thanks for the clarification.
      April 15 at 9:38pm · Report

      Bernadette Montez That doesn’t help at all. Facebook takes over my screen and I still can’t share photos. Shouldn’t there be an easier way?
      April 21 at 9:07pm · Report

      Zoe Wiseman Bernadette. Yeah there should be. Hipstamatic should fix the bug. It’s pretty ridiculous.
      April 21 at 9:25pm · Delete Post

      Jonah Carneskog I have also been forced to email the photo to myself, save it and upload it.
      That would mean that Facebook does not have an issue with the size of the photo (since the size does not change), but that it is a bug within Hipstamatic.

      Furthermore, I have also noticed, like others here, that low quality photos cannot be uploaded but high quality photos can.

      Does Hipstamatic corrupt the images when they compress them maybe??
      April 22 at 4:38am · Report

      Jenny Yanez i agree with Jonah… i had this problem but if you adjust to high quality setting it works just fine uploading.

      however, i am new to this and noticed with someone that it also uploaded the info on settings. on the first one i have ever uploaded it didn’t contain any info on settings and say Hipstamatic for iphone. so i am not sure the whole process is working properly?
      April 22 at 7:02pm · Report

  3. Kemoc May 4, 2010 at 2:07 am #

    You madear are quite nuts. Please don’t ever change 🙂
    As to the delights of the apple and their iPad I don’t think
    I will ever be getting a bite of that particular fruit as dear
    Mr Jobs seems to think the stupidity of us in the UK is
    unlimited and we will gladly pay a 30% plus markup
    for his products. Ummmm I don’t think so!? Perhaps
    one of my friends in the wonderful USA can get me
    one if I send them the money…. 😛

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