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PH magazine and News

Please check out this really cool new online magazine in PDF format! PHmagazine. They’ve featured some of my nudes in Issue #7 of Audrey DeLuxe, Carlotta Champagne, Candace Nirvana, Madame Bink, Rei, Sara Liz and Rebecca Lawrence. Most of the work was all shot in Australia in 2009 and 2010 and some in California. It’s nice to have new work published. I’ve included screen shots here, but you can go to their website and download the PDF file. Read it on your iPhone or iPad by sending it to iBooks or you can just read the PDF normally without sending it to iBooks… I need an app called iZoe or something. They don’t like nudes though! Come on Apple! jeesh. Make sure you check out all the previous issues too, there are some really amazing photographers featured in the past issues. Great Street Photography, landscapes, nudes, portraits… lovely stuff. You’ll like it!


I apologize for my seemingly lackluster blogging lately. I’m so busy! At the moment I’m working on getting rid of the Flash portfolio in the photography section. Flash is just over and I’ve found a way, thanks to the plug-in developers for WordPress, to display my photography in a way which works on all the gadgets, iPhone, iPad, Android and and and … there’s too many gadgets to pay attention to these days. I am so thankful to be rid of Flash though! It’s such a boat anchor these days. I’m almost done formatting all the images for display so as soon as I’m done coding I’ll let you all know about the new gallery feature.

Alabama! Man oh man. I hope all of you are fairing decently after all this destruction. It always feels so helpless to not be able to do much except send money to the Red Cross or other local/national charities. I hope all of you reading this have bucked up a few dollars or more to help out those who suffered the brunt of the tornados. Growing up in Indiana I am all too familiar with the storms. There’s hardly any warning, you never know when it’s going to hit or what it is going to hit. And when it’s hitting all it sounds like is a train running through your ears. Scary.

And President Obama… Nice one yesterday. Flawless. And before I met my husband I dated a Navy Seal, he was hot – those abs! So… thanks to those Navy Seals who all did their jobs with pin point accuracy. Imagine my hand moving slowly to my forehead in salute, that’s what I’m doing! Today is a good day to exhale!


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