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I’ve become addicted to making photographs on my iPhone. I have over 5500 images stored on it right now. So in order to make sense of all these images, I just launched (10 minutes ago) This is where I will store all my iPhone art, obviously. It’s a Tumblr site too, so it’s easy to subscribe and follow. You can even submit your own iPhone pictures to this site if you want to by clicking on the “submit” link on the left.

I’m amazed at how easy it is to photograph, process, and even watermark your iPhone pictures directly on the phone without the need to download them to your computer first. All the images I will post there will all be processed, uploaded, and 100% made on my iPhone. I don’t even need to download them in order to upload them to the web. Tumblr has a fantastic iPhone app that you can use for that! And what about printing, you ask? What’s the use in having really cool images if you can’t hang them on the wall, right? Well, CanvasPop takes care of all that. They do amazing canvas prints from iPhone images. I’ve had several printed for myself and for friends and family. I’m a stickler for quality, and I thought for sure that I would have to make some adjustments to my quality meter when dealing with the iPhone image process. But, much to my astonishment, I was quite happy with the quality CanvasPop produced. Shocker! Now all we need is a book publisher that makes an iPhone application so that you can make your own books directly from your iPhone. Can’t you imagine little 4×4 books selling like hotcakes? I can. Earth to publishers! Come in publishers! Can you hear me? Get on the stick! ha. Why hasn’t Apple done it? HEY! Cupertino! I know you’re reading this. I see you in my stats! There’s money to be made here people! Just credit me, OK? Maybe give me a 2% share in profits? I’ll help anyone design the program to photographer’s tastes. Call me!

So, have fun following my new site and feel free to participate. I’d love it!

Enjoy an iPhone picture!

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  1. AJ Kahn April 14, 2010 at 4:33 pm #

    I love what you’re doing Zoe. I too, have been reaching for the iphone whenever I’m out. There’s a lot of great apps available too.

    There’s an interesting article in photo technique magazine (March/April 2010 issue). It’s all about iphone photography written by Dan Burkholder. You can see some of his images at

  2. AJ Kahn April 14, 2010 at 9:18 pm #

    Sorry for the typo Zoe…
    The images can be found at:

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