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I don’t submit my work for silly contests. Yet, just about every single contest out there, I’m talking with jurors and such, sends me about 2 emails a day to give them money so that some bonehead who thinks he or she knows everything about photography can say whether or not my piece of art is up to par. Some of these contests cost $75.00 to enter! I wonder how many unsuspecting artists souls are being devoured by sending off a check… and then some of the contests do a rights grab afterwards! So, you are basically paying them to use your work. I want to know what the house looks like of the founder of these awards. I bet after receiving all this cash it’s a nice posh ranch house in Bel Air. I also bet (after seeing some of the names of the contest winners) that these “contest winners” were planned before the contest even started. They get a few well known photographers ask them to be in the contest and give them the prize so that that photographer’s name lends them credibility, then they can continue to mooch off artists in order to keep their lights on. Vampires.

And to go through all the contests out there, and if you check to see who has won the contests you start to see some very familiar names over and over again in each contest. That’s really not a coincidence.

When did things get so depressing? This isn’t the way artists should be treated. I literally get 10 different contests who email me regularly – The International Color Awards are seriously on my last nerve! An email a day from them!! International Color Awards! You aren’t getting my money, and I don’t shoot color.

End rant.

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  1. Art Silva October 5, 2009 at 11:17 pm #

    Yeah, I see a pattern too in these contests and some publishings I might add. Contests and any submissions are usually of no real cost to the organizers, it’s just free money (and publishing rights) to them or a legit way of scamming hard earned cash from people just trying to get noticed.
    I’m so glad I’m broke because eliminates the temptations, haha.

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