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Check List

Before you go on a trip, especially one that won’t allow you to rent gear, you need a check list. A packing list, and a bag that you can carry on the plane. Checking your gear and trusting airport baggage with expensive equipment is a bit foolhardy. If only I could Fed-Ex it all so it arrived before me. But I don’t even trust that. So – I thought I’d let you all into my ritual of organizing before a photo excursion by posting my check list.

iPhone snap of Holga back

  • 1. Holga w/Polaroid Back. I don’t leave home without it!
  • 2. And that means – 10 packs of Type 85 Pos/Neg
  • 3. Sodium Sulfite (hmm… airport security… wonders to myself)
  • 4. Polaroid Bucket
  • 5. 2 Nikon FM
  • 6. Nikkor 50mm
  • 7. Nikkor 105
  • 8. Red Filter, Orange Filter, Yellow Filter
  • 9. 20 BW Kodak Tri-X 35mm 400 Speed
  • 10. Rollei
  • 11. 20 BW Ilford Delta 120 400 Speed
  • 12. 20 BW Kodak Tri-X 120 400 Speed
  • 13. The last stash of Kodak Portra
  • 14. My last roll of Kodak Color Infrared
  • 15. Film Cooler for Infrared Film
  • 16. Diana Camera
  • 17. Pano Holga Camera
  • 18. 4×4 silver/white reflector
  • 19. Polaroid film protectors

I’m debating on taking my Speed Graphic 4×5. I know I’ll want it at some point but the terrain is going to be rugged and traveling light seems like that will give me the most freedom. Not only would I have to tote the 4×5 around but boxes of Type 55 too. So it’s not sounding too adventurous at the moment. Thinking about renting something while I’m there for a day so …

  • 20. i545 Polaroid Back
  • 21. 1 box of Polaroid Type 55

Yeah – I kind of have to shoot 4×5 – at least one day. Even though it will be insanely cumbersome, it will probably be worth it.

  • 22. Video Camera

I have a few days yet, trying to think of more crap I can fit into a carryon seems exhausting. If only I just needed clothing.

For those wondering what the prize is going to be… I’ve decided to give whoever guesses where I am 2 movies I made to music of my photography mailed to you.

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