Happy Mardi Gras

I was trapped in a box
in downtown LA
in the dark
i heard a lark say
let me out

i remembered the oak trees
the smell of magnolias lining the streets
the guy with the tuba puff puff puffing
along the magazine
school was out
my window was open
the smell of beer and the bakery
red, beans and rice
i thought i would go there that day for any price

but i was trapped in that box
in the dark
so i stepped out through my mind
and when i put on my mask

it was mardi gras again
and i grinned and flew through the dark
i heard the brass band
i felt the sting of thrown beads from mister tossed too hard on my face
i heard the dabloons on the ground clammering around
i saw the poor and the rich
on st. charles


i saw the neighbors cats basking in that sunshine
i remembered my french doors that lead to the toth parade
and those stairs that opened right on the street

i felt the southern rain in the sunshine

and it was mardi gras in my imagination
and i knew that city would always be with me
in my heart

Self Portrait
Mardi Gras - Self Portrait

No model, no problem

Nov. 28, 2009 - Self Portrait
Nov. 28, 2009 - Self Portrait

There’s a corner in my house that gets such beautiful light. Upon return from the frozen tundra which is the North East, I’m doing rituals to wrap my heart back around the sun. One was sitting in this corner in the morning. And I thought, “I really wish I had a model.” then said, “duh.” No model, no problem.