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Amaxing Amazing Times!

The life here is so laid back it’s hard to get to work. I just want to lay back too! I feel like I’ve come home. The picture perfect life I hold in my head is reality here in this place. And of course it would be on the other side of the planet. I can’t remember a time when I’ve felt so calm. The ocean is right out the window and I fall asleep to the surf breaking over and over and over again. The ocean has always beckoned me, ever since I was a baby. I watch the neighbors in the house next door with their little ones and I know it would be beautiful.

I’ve seen several friends here, old and new. None of us has ever been here – so it’s all new for everyone. We’re all here in this paradise together… Smiling, comforting, walking a small path together if only for a week. I will cry when I must leave.

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