Bamboo Forest

Here’s some new work with Claudine in my secret bamboo forest.

Shot with Ilford 50 and Kodak TriX with a Nikon FM and a Diana.


Anoush Anou and Jessamyn

We planned for the beach but there was a dead dolphin there… so we moved to my secret forest. Enjoy a little test shot from my iPhone. Film later…

© 2013 Zoe Wiseman - models: Anoush Anou and Jessamyn
© 2013 Zoe Wiseman – models: Anoush Anou and Jessamyn

ChemTrails Conspiracy

Catchy titles for blog posts keep me entertained. You must entertain yourself at all costs or life gets zombied.

Claudine visited California recently and we caught some images and some chem trails. All images shot with a RolleiFlex on Ilford PANF Plus 50 120.

We also visited my secret bamboo forest. I’ll post some of those soon. Enjoy!

My protest image published twice

Back when Darrel Issa was holding meetings about birth control pills in congressional hearings looking at a long “witness” table full of Catholic Priests who were there to complain that Catholic businesses would have to include birth control coverage in their insurance policies for their employees, and Sandra Fluke became a punching bag for the right wing loons, I started getting really pissed off about people treating my body and other women’s bodies as if they were objects to be controlled by the government and by religious ideologies. So I had Carlotta Champagne and Titania Lynn come over to make some images. I was just GRRRRR angry. I still am.

Titania has this amazing writing technique (she’s quite full of artistic talent herself) so she wrote the placards for the images. We did quite a few images but one shot stood out and resonated to lots of people, men and women, on the internet. It went everywhere. I saw that some people had photoshopped out my english text and replaced it with Spanish, French, German and even Arabic.

My Ovaries Are Not Church Property in Arabic
My Ovaries Are Not Church Property in Arabic



I saw it first in Arabic when Buchet&Chastel publishers emailed me asking if I would be keen to publish the image in a book on the Tunisian uprisings. So I searched for it in Arabic and found that it had been shared during the chaos of the revolutions by hundreds of thousands of women online. It made me happy and hopeful for them. So, this was published in the book Insurrections Arabes by Smaïn Laacher.


Insurrections Arabes by Smaïn Laacher
Insurrections Arabes by Smaïn Laacher


It even graced the front page of Reddit – full of geeky male dudes (right on guys!). I know there are some ladies there, but it’s really predominately male.




Fast forward to yesterday when I received my copy of the next publication it was published in. Humanist Perspectives. This is a great magazine out of Canada which deals specifically with Humanism. As a Humanist myself I was quite pleased to be included in a magazine supporting the only belief system I relate to in any way.

humanist perspectives
humanist perspectives


I love the quote they included around the image: “One of my fantasies is that next Sunday not one single woman, in any country of the world, will go to church. If women simply stop giving our time and energy to the institutions that oppress, they would have to cease to do so.” ~ Sonia Johnson, American feminist, activist and excommunicated Mormon

So while Canada and France are standing up for women in their own ways, back here in the United States women are getting forced government vaginal probes and some women in Texas are fed up…  and over in North Carolina they are having some problems! And Virginia and Wisconsin and Texas and Mississippi and North Dakota and and and and and. And while my image was specifically about BIRTH CONTROL PILLS because they were trying to ban insurance companies from covering that – hands off our bodies. Seriously. Just stop legislating laws to govern a woman’s right to control every aspect of her body. We are not chattel. We are women. And ladies who are reading… If you don’t vote in 2014 (you know for your state and local congressional stuff),  don’t bitch when all of a sudden you find out it’s illegal for you to get an I.U.D. to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. Please, don’t be shocked when women start dying because they shouldn’t have carried their babies to term due to other health conditions.  Because we are all Savita. Every one of us. When one woman is denied life due to religious ideologies, we all are. Until all women are free from government control, we are all under government control. Civil rights are a woman’s issue too.



Polaroid Type 55 with the Floof

© 2013 Zoe Wiseman - model: Floofie
© 2013 Zoe Wiseman – model: Floofie


I had plans to go out to the sand with Floofie for our shoot last week but catching a silly cold prevented that. So we stayed in and made some Polaroid Type 55 images. Yes, I still have a stash luckily. It doesn’t like to get warm so I have to press the film against the freezer wall right before I insert it into the film holder. It’s getting very finicky. I like the torn look and don’t really mind unless it’s messing with the composition. I’m glad to still be working with the film and thanking my foresight when it came to stockpiling it before the demise. For now I don’t need to start shooting regular 4×5 film and developing later. I like the on the spot developing. It makes me happy. I obtained a minute amount of solarization on this shoot and I’m super stoked about that. I usually get it easily with the Polaroid Type 85 I use with my Holga and Polaroid Back, so maybe the aging process is lending more funk to the film. I’ll take it.

So, enjoy the shoot…

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Friends of Barnes

The Art of the Steal is a very amazing look into the complexities of destruction. I hope anyone and everyone who loves art will watch and be taken by what happened to the collection of Dr. Barnes. You can rent it on Netfilx if you want to.

After watching it myself I found my fingers at google researching a bit about it and found myself on their website in a photograph by Lisa Kereszi. So I contacted them to let them know I would like to donate my work also.

Me and My Shadow ©2005 Zoe Wiseman - model: Candace Nirvana
Me and My Shadow ©2005 Zoe Wiseman – model: Candace Nirvana
Crack in the Mirror - © 2005 Zoe Wiseman - Model: Ida Mae
Crack in the Mirror – © 2005 Zoe Wiseman – Model: Ida Mae


If you would like to purchase these images to support Friends of Barnes please visit this link to find out how.

I wish I could have visited the REAL Barnes.

Kings Landing

There’s this ruin of a house down the hill from me that burned in a brush fire back in the ’60’s. The stairs and some semblance of foundation is still there and it reminds me a bit of the steps to the sea in Kings Landing, The fictional capital city of Westeros in Game of Thrones, complete with the godswood and everything. YES! I’m a fantasy geek! And I wish George R. R. Martin would put out the next book because Danerys is still sitting there in the Dothraki Sea staring down Khal Jhogo with Drogon, her fierce black dragon. OK, time to shut up and enjoy some photos I made with Carlotta.

The photos were made with a Nikon FM, a Diana, a Rolleicord, and a LensBaby (on the Nikon of course) and some other lens… forget. I experimented a bit with the Rollei in the blurry images and really like the sparkle fairy stuff that happened with the light. I like dreamy stuff.

Happy Spring!


© 2013 Zoe Wiseman - model: Carlotta Champagne
© 2013 Zoe Wiseman – model: Carlotta Champagne


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Out in the Desert…

Here are some more new images from October 2012 in Palm Springs.

Various cameras and films were used: Holga w/Polaroid Back and Polaroid Type 85 film, Speed Graphic and Polaroid Type 55 film, 35mm, medium format. Nothing was digitally altered. 😉

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Underwater Nudes

I purchased a really nice Nikonos V film camera for underwater photography before my last yearly festival I have. Being that we were staying in a fabulous home in Palm Springs with a swimming pool and I’ve taken countless images in the desert I thought I’d spend the entire week in the pool. Some of the images I made are in this slide show. Enjoy.

© 2012 Zoe Wiseman
© 2012 Zoe Wiseman – model: Claudine

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One of the Most Surreal Images I’ve made

I just returned from my yearly festival for ARTnudes Network. One of the images I made there with the model Ella Rose is one of my most surreal to date. When pulling apart the Pos/Neg Type 85 Polaroid I decided to only solarize 1/2 of the image instead of the entire piece of film. What happened was a trip! I’m going to do this more often. This is just tripped out. Check out what it did to her torso. And the peel marks… how did they not affect her skin?

There is zero photoshop manipulation on this photograph. It’s all on the film.

© 2012 Zoe Wiseman - model: Ella Rose
© 2012 Zoe Wiseman – model: Ella Rose