I bit the Apple and the Apple bit back


If you didn’t already know, I take a lot of photographs with my iPhone. I’ve written about iPhone apps and have been featured on Ovation TV. Now I have the honor of speaking at the Santa Monica Apple store on November 11, 2010 about the art of the iPhone and the process I go through when I make my pictures. I AM A GEEK! Yes, I know. But, it’s really fun to make iPhone pictures.

The Apple Store: Nov 11, Santa Monica, Third Street Promenade, 7 p.m.
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American Photo

Google works wonders sometimes. Had no idea I had a full page in American Photo magazine (the Hollywood Sign pic). Now how do I find a copy? Oh Burlesque days were fun. This photo was a part of Katharina Bosse’s book “New Burlesque.” She came to photograph me right after I moved to Hollywood from New Orleans. This was on my old rooftop.

©Katharina Bosse in American Photo

Back of Bourke!

Yes, that’s where I’m headed, to meet a banana bender and throw a barbie. Hopefully they’ll be no brown-eyed mullets or I’ll be as mad as a cut snake. Looking forward to those dinkum dinkies and hope to avoid all drongos. So stop all the furphy and throw out the garbo! It’s gonna be a ripper!

Destination! RIPPER!
Destination! RIPPER!