I Have A Dream…

I’m thinking about Dr. Martin Luther King today. The dream still lives. This monument to General Lee still stands in New Orleans though. Maybe as a reminder, and maybe people take it the wrong way, but if we don’t recognize hate and fear when it raises it’s head this proudness of Lee will stare down upon us all.

Print Sales

After my last print sale I thought I’d write a little on how you can buy one of my prints. I don’t usually advertise that my prints are up for grabs… but they are. I get emails sometimes asking me if this print is for sale or that print is for sale. If you see something on this website it’s for sale, unless the edition has run out.

All my prints are printed as Digital Ilford Silver prints. They are TRUE silver prints, not ink jet. They are exposed by using a digital file projected onto Ilford Silver paper and processed traditionally. All prints have different pricing and are signed. Most are editions of 20, some are editions of 5. It depends on the print. You can have them framed and matted, or they can arrive to you naked. Framing costs depend on the size of the print, and I only charge the cost of having it framed. Shipping charges are also applied to any prints that need to be shipped.

This print was just sold to a lucky buyer in the UK. He gets print #1 of 20.

Carlotta Masked
©2009 Zoe Wiseman ~ Carlotta Masked


I have so many stories to tell. I feel like life moves so fast and sometimes we forget to stop and put things into perspective. I always revert to 1993 for some reason. I was such a punk. Taking off with my best friend across the country with no real rhyme or reason to it. We just needed to get the fuck out of Indiana. If I would have photographed everything we went through maybe someone might believe it. We were clueless idiots, but not clueless enough to lose control. We were Liv Tyler and Alicia Silverstone in that Aerosmith video, literally.

I almost feel like that video was made  because they followed us around and took notes, but they left out Vegas. You know, the Vegas before they tore down the Sands. It wasn’t a bad place to live, room service, huge swimming pool, free drinks and all for the bargain price of $15.00 a night. I gotta keep the cat in the bag though, so to speak. Ah, life before cell phones and the interwebs… and traveling without a map and no GPS and somehow arriving exactly where you were meant to arrive all by chance. Motel 6’s, guys with purple hair, ZZ Top at the gas station, a guy who played with Sid Vicious, getting stranded on an island, literally. So much to tell. And Boomtown! I cannot leave that out. Middle-America is a trip. And Amsterdam, being sung to by hari krishna’s after running from Dracula’s carriage… long story.

I’m tempted to take a hiatus from photography and tell my story… or a story under an alias so to protect the guilty and a few innocents… but mostly the guilty.

Nice words

I just found this. I used google translator for that link, the text is all in Swedish. Ralf Stelander of 1x.com mentioned me talking about his site. Thought that was nice. Thanks Ralf.

I’ll be in their soon to be released collective book this year with my image Solar Energy with the amazing model, Jazmine Dominique. I’ll announce it again once it’s been published. 🙂

Solar Energy
Solar Energy - @2007 Zoe Wiseman - Model: Jazmine Dominique