Monthly Archives: August 2010


I Have A Dream…

I’m thinking about Dr. Martin Luther King today. The dream still lives. This monument to General Lee still stands in New Orleans though. Maybe as a reminder, and maybe people take it the wrong way, […]

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Print Sales

After my last print sale I thought I’d write a little on how you can buy one of my prints. I don’t usually advertise that my prints are up for grabs… but they are. I […]

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I have so many stories to tell. I feel like life moves so fast and sometimes we forget to stop and put things into perspective. I always revert to 1993 for some reason. I was […]

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Nice words

I just found this. I used google translator for that link, the text is all in Swedish. Ralf Stelander of mentioned me talking about his site. Thought that was nice. Thanks Ralf. I’ll be in their […]

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In the dust

Comes the wind. Enjoy.

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